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TERMS AND CONDITIONS: By placing your deposit you hereby agree with the following terms, and the terms found on : 

I.  Deposit Refunds            A. If the reservation is canceled 30 days or more before the scheduled event full deposit (100%) will be refunded.
            B. If the reservation is canceled between 14-29 days before the schedule event, fifty percent (50%) of the deposit refunded. 
            C. If the reservation is canceled 13 days (or less) before the scheduled event, NO REFUND (0%) WILL BE REFUNDED. 
            D. In the event that the booking is made within 30 days or less before the event, the client will have 48 hours to cancel and receive a full refund             (100%).   If your reservation is not canceled within the 48 hours, refunds will be given in accordance with the terms above. 
II. Time/Date Requested 
           A. By placing this deposit you hereby certify that the time/date that you have told Tenchita is the correct time/date of your event. 
           B. In the event that you need to reschedule, Tenchita will make her best effort to accommodate you to fit the needs of your party, however, please            keep in mind that the time/date of your event may already be scheduled for someone else, and if this is the case, Tenchita is only responsible for              showing up at the Time/Date given to Tenchita at time of booking. 
III. Punctuality 
            A. Tenchita makes every effort possible to arrive at your event at the time requested, so please ensure that you are ready for Tenchita upon her                arrival. 
           B. In the event that inclement weather/unusual heavy traffic will affect Tenchita’s punctuality, Tenchita will contact the client directly to                          reschedule the event to a later time (usually within 15-30 minutes). The client will still receive the full amount of time for the services booked. 
           C. Tenchita is not responsible for the Punctuality of the client’s guest, and any change of schedule is subject to Tenchita’s approval and will                     depend on her other bookings and her discretion. 
IV. Services client must provide Tenchita 
            A. By placing this deposit, you hereby certify that you will provide Tenchita adequate space for her to work, a place to park (IN FRONT) of the             location, and electricity for her equipment. If you are unable to provide any of this services to Tenchita please contact her directly. 
V. Travel Fee 
            A. Please contact Tenchita to inquire whether an additional travel fee applies to your reservation.

TERMS AND CONDITIONS: By placing your deposit you hereby agree with the terms above, and the terms found on

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